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Solve a Mystery and Escape the Room at Get A Clue Games

The founder of a famed chocolate factory has passed away, and everyone assumed the business had shuttered its doors for good. But a year after his death, rumors started to swirl. The murmurs indicated that this master chocolatier had a certain successor in mind and had left behind clues so that you could get into his factory and find his secret recipe, thus securing the factory's future success. You'll have to follow hints and work as a team to make it happen. This is just one of the scenarios, "The Chocolate Factory," at Get A Clue Games.

The collection of escape rooms has something for everyone. While "The Chocolate Factory" may be best for families, adults are invited to attempt "The Zodiac." Named for the infamous serial killer, you'll be following a similar (albeit, fictional) villain who has holed up in a cabin. There's just one problem: he's trapped you inside. Only by following the clues and discovering his darkest secrets will you be able to escape his clutches and lead the police to his lair.

Public Domain/Pixabay/clockedindk