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Make Resolutions Reality at The Berkleigh

We sincerely hope that all of our residents here in our incredible Berkleigh community have been loving the new year so far.  These past few years have taught us a lot about health, wellness, and well-being. So, this could be the perfect year to change the way you approach resolutions.  Incorporate mindfulness practices into your daily routine. … Continue reading Make Resolutions Reality at The Berkleigh

Winter Holidays

The chilly winter month of December is filled with celebrations, parties, and holidays all around the world. Some are filled with solemn traditions while others focus on fun and frolic.  Hanukkah: While the exact dates change every year, this is an eight-day Jewish holiday. Those who celebrate light a special candle holder called a menorah. They do … Continue reading Winter Holidays

Thankful for Thanksgiving

It’s more than eating turkey, watching football, and taking naps!  Thanksgiving is a national United States holiday that takes place every third Thursday of November, this year on November 24th. The first Thanksgiving dates back to 1621, when the Plymouth colonists and the Wampanoag shared an autumn feast. Then, for more than two centuries, Thanksgiving was celebrated … Continue reading Thankful for Thanksgiving

Ales, lagers, ciders, and meads, oh my!

Come one come all to the 2022 Baltimore Craft Beer Festival. This annual celebration of Maryland’s growing craft brewing industry showcases more than five dozen local breweries and their awesome portfolios of sudsy deliciousness. The Brewers Association of Maryland is proud to offer this annual event that features amazing beers, great food, and awesome live … Continue reading Ales, lagers, ciders, and meads, oh my!

Let’s Give Davy Jones A Fright He’ll Never Forget!

Discover magical mischief and spellbinding surroundings as you commemorate Halloween at sea. Thrills and chills await you at every turn, thanks to not-so-scary parties, eerie entertainment and bewitching décor, including a spooky Halloween tree. Unearth some festive entertainment during this ghoulish cruise. Disney Cruise Lines is offering a holiday cruise over Halloween that is sure … Continue reading Let’s Give Davy Jones A Fright He’ll Never Forget!

DIY Halloween Decor

Let’s cut to the chase, Halloween is peaking its head around the corner. Well, it’s a headless horseman head! With that, there is nothing more exciting than decorating for Halloween. Here are some DIY decorations you can make to get in the spooky spirit!  Delightful Devilish Handsoap- Buy some hand soap from the Dollar Store, and fill … Continue reading DIY Halloween Decor