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Take a Break From the Treadmill and Head to Athletic Asylum CrossFit White Marsh

When you think of working out, where does your mind go? Does it wander to the treadmill at the gym or the running path at your local park? Do you balk at the idea of another long, boring cardio workout? Athletic Asylum CrossFit White Marsh might be able to help. Its strength-oriented workouts are a far cry from your typical sweat session.

People of all shapes, sizes, and ability levels are welcome at Athletic Asylum, but first, start at an introductory class. It's here that you'll learn the safe way to perform functional movements like lifts and jumps without risking injury. Then you're ready to come to a daily-changing group class. The coach will help you to tailor each strength-training movement and spurts of cardio to your own level of fitness and ability so that you see results without pushing your muscles too far.