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chicken and veg salad

What’s Your Go-To Order at Poyoteca Peruvian Rotisserie?

For a fast-casual spot that will beat out your usual suspects, head to Poyoteca Peruvian Rotisserie on Market Place, previously known as Chicken Rico. They changed names and upgraded their cuisine in July, serving up authentic Peruvian eats, with a special focus on the traditional rotisserie chicken. 

You order counter-side with options ranging from a half-chicken or aji de gallina to sandwiches and salads – there’s something for every mood. The Peruvian specialities like Lomo a lo Pobre are also delicious – it’s marinated filet mignon with all the tasty beans, rice, fries and sweet plantains. If you’re sticking to healthy options the Avocado Passion  Salad with greens, chicken breast, fresh veggies, quinoa and passion fruit dressing is a good go-to.

Don’t forget to grab some extra sides, the aji mac and cheese and yuca fries are favorites for many. You can’t leave without the chicha morada drink to pair it with – you won’t be disappointed!