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Craving Italian Fare at The Berkleigh? Order Takeout From Cosima

Italian cuisine is well known for its focus on simple preparations, seasonal ingredients, and ultra-fresh seafood, and regulars at Cosima say that’s exactly what you can expect to get at this popular Baltimore restaurant. Chef Donna Crivello developed the restaurant’s menu based on the principles she learned from helping her Italian mother and grandmother (after whom the restaurant is named) in the kitchen as a child. 

Starters include classics like roasted artichoke hearts (with your choice of dipping sauce), as well as a variety of house-made crudos (try yours with watermelon, cilantro, and cucumber for a summer-fresh treat). Mains include grilled whole branzino, pasta with roasted tomatoes and alfredo sauce, and herbed chicken with risotto– among other traditional dishes on the menu. As of right now, Cosima is offering their full menu for take-out.