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A Must- See Holiday Display Near The Berkleigh: Highlandtown Train Garden

In an effort to squeeze out every last ounce of holiday cheer from 2020, be sure to add the Highlandtown Train Garden to your list of fun and festive places to visit this season. This impressive platform display is the work of dozens of volunteers for months on end to create a realistic (and sometimes interpretative) glimpse into Highlandtown. See if you can spot the Southeast Anchor Library, Mimi DiPietro Skating Rink, or your favorite street in town. They also have a recreation of the Blizzard of 2016, or a glimpse into old industrial Highlandtown. Plus, the Highlandtown Train Garden offers an interactive scavenger hunt so that you don’t miss a detail of this tiny cityscape. This yearly attraction is in its 11th year, and one tradition that is perfect for every age of locomotive lover. 

Find the Highlandtown Train Garden at Engine House #41 on Conkling Street, just a short 15-minute drive from The Berkleigh. Make a day of it by spending the day at some of the great businesses surrounding the fire house.