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What’s Your Favorite Dessert at Snow Cloud?

If you have a sweet tooth and haven’t been to Snow Cloud yet, you better pencil it in this weekend. This tasty shop is a newer addition to Towson’s dining scene and has been serving up sweet shaved ice cream, desserts, and boba tea that everyone adores.

If you’ve never had shaved ice cream, note that it’s much different than shaved ice. It’s creamy, comes off in long slivers, and is topped high with fruit and syrup. It’s their specialty dish, referred to as snow ice cream, and is definitely worth a try! If you’re headed there on a chilly day this fall and aren’t in the mood for a snowy cold dish, the dessert options are plentiful. Try the caramel pudding, mango mousse or tres leches cake for a real treat. 

You have to pair your dessert with one of their newly famous boba teas. The teas come in all sorts of tropical flavors that will transport you to a warmer climate like lime, peach, lychee, and passion fruit. Try them and let us know which one is your favorite!