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Summer Is in Bloom at Sherwood Gardens

Since 1913, Sherwood Gardens has been attracting visitors to explore its beautiful blooms. The garden is filled with beautiful flowers and trees to admire and take pictures of, making it the perfect place to enjoy all things nature and pretty scenery. When you stop by, some of the flowers and trees you’ll see are dogwoods, flowering cherries, wisterias, magnolias, and tulips. And with over six acres to explore, you’ll want to spend hours getting lost in the beauty of nature in this peaceful, soothing atmosphere.

Sherwood is open all year round to the public, making it easy for you to come whenever you like for a fun-filled day to walk around and explore the area with a group of friends or family. It also makes for a great place to have an event whether a wedding, graduation party, or any formal gathering of your choice.