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Solve a Mystery at Get A Clue Games

Have you ever imagined yourself in the lead role as you watch a thriller? Get A Clue Games plunges you directly into murder-mysteries and other adventures as a key player, along with a group of family or friends. The escape room offers a handful of different experiences, each offering a case that you must crack within a certain amount of time in order to win.

Book the Zodiac room to play the role of journalist and super sleuth. In this room, you become a member of the media with insider info on an active serial killer. You have to follow the clues and catch the culprit, all without putting yourself directly in his dangerous path, if you want to escape the room. Adventure Part is slightly less spooky, taking you inside an abandoned amusement park that suddenly shut down when its owners passed away. Locked inside, you’ll have to solve riddles in order to find a way out. These are just two of the five rooms available for all ages and interests at Get A Clue Games.