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Local Restaurants to The Berkleigh

Baltimore is home to so many delicious local restaurants, many of which are near our beautiful community, The Berkleigh. Whether you’re seeking an upscale night out or a quick drink with friends, there’s something for everyone here in Baltimore, so let’s dive in! 

In the mood for a swanky night out? Head to The Bygone, a luxurious bar and restaurant located on the roof of the Four Seasons. Their French-inspired menu is guaranteed to impress, and the panoramic view doesn’t hurt either! Sotto Sopra is another similar option in terms of opulence, but offers an Italian menu, specializing in house-made pasta that is mouth-watering to imagine. Located on the famous Charles Street corridor, this is a perfect spot to build your night around, as the thoroughfare is one of the main attractions in Baltimore. Get a feel for the city and explore all the other restaurants located on the street; there’s plenty to choose from!

Moving a bit away from Charles Street, we have The Food Market, a must-visit for anyone staying in Baltimore. Known for their beer cheese and pretzel twists, The Food Market also offers more high-end dishes, such as risotto, top-notch seafood, and fresh takes on classic recipes. We also recommend Thames Street Oyster House, another seafood specialty joint that is typically packed to the brim. This is a favorite amongst locals, so you’ll probably need a reservation. 

We at The Berkleigh have come to realize that Baltimore is a city for foodies, and we hope you enjoy all the local restaurants this incredible city has to offer!