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Kitchen Bare at The Berkleigh? Restock at MOM’s Organic Market!

If one of your goals for 2020 was to shop more sustainably and consciously, head to MOM’s Organic Market in White Marsh. While it is a chain, it’s family owned and operated and is still fairly small compared to all those big-box chains with about 1,000 employees in the Mid-Atlantic and Tri-State areas. Not only does it feel good to support those businesses that are more local, it helps when they have core values like MOM’s. 

When selecting the products they sell in their stores, they start with a list of 100 ingredients that they will not sell. Even if a product has just one of those harmful ingredients, it will not land on their shelves. They stock more organic produce than any of the big-box chains. The seafood they sell is 100% sustainable and they partner with another local organization to donate meals to those in need for every pound sold of local catfish. All their meat is pasture and/or forest-raised and sourced locally as often as possible. 

The list goes on, but as you can tell, MOM’s has a serious commitment to protecting the environment and their customers, which is so special. Support local and shop at MOM’s!