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Get Your Sweat On at Movez Dance & Fitness Studio

If you get bored at the gym, retire your running sneakers and lace up a pair of dancing shoes at Movez Dance & Fitness Studio instead. The studio’s signature Movez class makes a cardio workout out of dancing. The instructors are all professional dancers, so they’ll show you how to follow the rhythm of the music and torch calories at the same time.

Almost every fitness class at Movez is similarly upbeat and fast-paced, like the SocaSweat Cardio Dance, which draws its inspiration from Caribbean music like calypso and reggae. But when you want to slow things down, try out a BarreBody class instead. Although these are just as challenging as the other fitness sessions, BarreBody moves at a slower pace through a series of low-impact poses that target specific muscle groups. It’s appropriate for all fitness levels.


Public Domain/Pixabay/Bernard-Verougstraete