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Don’t Miss the Breakfast Sandwiches at Ovenbird Bakery

A freshly baked English muffin spread with jam. A flaky croissant embellished with a pat of butter. A warm bagel smothered with cream cheese. Ovenbird Bakery has all of the freshly baked breakfast bites you need to get your next work-from-home day off on the right foot!

And you can order everything online for a quick pickup at the cafe. The bread is certainly the main event, so grab a loaf or two to make quick and tasty sandwiches for the week. Try the Baltimore sourdough, the overnight rye, or the spelt honey-oat. Need a quick breakfast? Sink your teeth into a breakfast sandwich, avocado toast, or a slice of fresh quiche. And if you come by around lunchtime, try the ham, brie, and fig spread on a baguette or the three-cheese grilled cheese sandwich.