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Customize Your Bubble Tea at ChaTime White Marsh

If you’re a bubble tea lover, ChaTime in White Marsh needs to be on your weekly rotation! This tea cafe is literally translated to “Tea Time” as “cha” means tea in Taiwanese. While it’s a national chain, you receive customized service and a truly flavorful experience every time you grab a drink from ChaTime. 

If you’ve never been before, they have a fun video on their site that breaks down how you order your drink, so you can go in prepared to order like a pro. Start by choosing what style drink you want. They offer traditional milk tea or fruit teas, but also offer smoothies and mousse teas that add a little sweet froth to the mix. Then, pick your drink preference—there are so many options! Browse their site beforehand so you don’t get overwhelmed. Then choose your size, whether you want it iced or piping hot, then add all the toppings your heart desires! You can choose from bites like coffee jelly, mango pearls, or cookie pieces. Finally, decide on your sweetness level, and get ready to sip!